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Prep Department

Our school has traveled a lot from its infancy to its adulthood and when it is celebrating its 50 golden years of excellence one unmistakable fact is that this majestic institution has undergone innumerable changes over the years. At different times it was remodelled to cater to the requirements of the time.
The present Prep Department building (with a built up area of 21,957 sq. feet) is the only building that used to be a part of the Cecil Hotel which is now being used as part of the school. (It was re-modelled after its roof collapsed.) It was from the balcony of this building that Fr. Thomas Athazhapadam S.J. addressed the morning assembly on 4 January 1960, when the school was officially inaugurated. This two-storey building is located behind the Heritage Building, and on one side of the Delhi Governor's Residence. During the hostel days the first floor of this building was used as hostel for the boys.
The Prep Department is a place from where students begin their journey of 13 years and it used to be in the junior school building. However, the Jesuit educational policy makers later realized that when a little child enters the portals of an educational institution for the first time, it is very important that it survives the shock of separation from home. It has to find its new home as a warm place. The child may find it difficult to mix with senior students initially if they are all put together. Hence, it was decided to have a separate block for the children of the Prep Class and the 1st standard. Thus, this old building was renovated and utilized entirely for the Prep Department only from 1985. This is a well secured and quiet place, away from the usual din of the school activities. The block has a play ground in front of it, which is used for assemblies and for different sports activities for the little ones. The play ground is equipped with various types of swings where the little ones play and enjoy. This is the place where you can see blooming tiny tots enjoying the vibrant colours of life.
The prep department consists of 18 staff members. There are 239 students in the Prep and 249 in the 1st standard who fill this place with their laughter and joy. The Reception, the Office of the Director and the Staff Room are located on the ground floor of the Prep building. The first floor of the building is a restricted area, even for the parents.
The little ones at this level are not subjected to examinations and homework. Thus, there is a sense of joy pervading in the Prep-Department. Many veterans of the past and the present have contributed selflessly to the steady growth and success of this prestigious department. Among the administrators, Fr. Charles Saldhana S.J is the one who laid the foundation for the type of education at the Prep level. After he had resigned from the senior school due to ill health, he was appointed the Headmaster of the Prep Department. Fr. Richard Pereria, S.J., Fr. Mathew Padayatty S.J., Fr. Thomas Kuriakose, S.J., Ms. Martina Pereira, Sr. Kiran, Sr. Vimla SMI, Sr. Alphina SMI were the other prominent administrators of the Prep-department before the present incumbent Sr. Serina, SMI, took charge.