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Junior School Blocks

The Junior School building was the second major edifice built under the supervision of Fr. Loesch. The foundation stone for the building was laid in 1967 and the construction got over in 1969. It is located on one side of the Millennium Complex. It has a built up area of 56,317 sq. feet. On one side of the building is the junior school assembly ground and on the other side is the school playground where various sports activities and cultural events are conducted. The junior school assembly ground is a place where the students of the junior school gather daily in the morning to begin their day with peace and prayer. The five-storey school building is made up of 30 classrooms and various other rooms for providing the students with extra knowledge in academics. The junior school has 1,474 students and 45 teachers. On the ground floor of the building there's the school reception and the offices of the Headmaster, the Coordinator of Discipline and the Sports Department. The junior school library is also situated on the ground floor of the building. There are also rooms for various activities, practices etc, two Math's Work Shops, a Music Room and a Science Lab in the junior school complex.
At home, a student needs his parents to give him support all the time, but in the school the teachers do this. There are tutorial rooms on all floors meant for this purpose. On the second floor there is the main staff room. On the 5th floor of the building there is a special audio visual room which was earlier used for showing various movies and then for various competitions like elocutions. At present, this room is mainly used for practices and rehearsals for various activities. The building also has two storerooms and a prop room. These rooms are basically used for keeping various stage props and other things.