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Heritage Building

It is the oldest and yet the most prominent building which is situated right in the middle of the campus. It has been declared a 'Heritage Building' by the Archeological Survey of India. The Heritage Building is a landmark building not only of St. Xavier's school but of Delhi too. Built over 125 years ago by the management of the Cecil Hotel, it is not just a building but also a part of the school's history. The building, situated in front of the playground of our school, has a built up area of 31, 418 sq. feet. The Heritage Building used to be divided into four areas- the Reception, the Ballroom or the Dance Hall, the Conference Room as well as suites for guests. When Fr. Frank Loesh, S.J. and Fr Charles Saldhana, S.J. purchased the eminent Hotel Cecil they used the present day chapel as the principal's office. The hall next to it was a public chapel. When the school started in 1960's, the first floor of the Heritage building was used as hostel. It could accommodate around 100 students. Later on, the Ballroom was used as the dining room for the hostellers. When the hostel was closed down this hall was renamed as 'Heritage Hall' and was used for various school activities. The entrance of the building was not the same as it used to be. The Corinthian Columns in front of the Heritage Building facing the present games field provide a magnificent elegance to the whole campus. This area was later covered and the space was used for the school library. After the library was shifted to the senior school building, this area was used for table tennis. Now it has been renovated under the supervision of Fr. P.T. Augustine and converted into the Golden Jubilee Chapel. At present, the building is divided into four areas- the Golden Jubilee Chapel, the Museum, the Heritage Hall and the Jesuit Residence.