The Infant St. Xavier’s

It was very fascinating to see how quickly the fledgling Xavier’s took to its wings and started soaring up in the sky. As soon as Xavier’s was born about 500 students took admission during the very first week itself. Initially classes were held in many hotel rooms. Bombay House, another area, now where Vidya Jyoti stands, was utilized partially for staff and teachers’ residence and the main building was used as the Prep Department. In March another piece of land in front of the gate was acquired and here the first set of the school block was built later on.

The school was such a big success that the Delhi Directorate of Education recognized it in a month’s time. Fr. Francis Loesch, S.J. was the first Rector and Fr. Charles Saldhana, S.J. was the first principal. Fr. Francis C. Rodriguez, S.J. was the first Administrator, Fr. Thomas Athazhapadam, S.J. the first vice-principal (later he was appointed the principal) and Fr. Austin Reinboth, S.J. the first Hostel Superintendent. These stalwarts, with a vision and a mission, contributed greatly towards putting the infant Xavier’s on a strong footing.

Fr. Loesch and Fr. Saldhana wanted to spend their remaining life in Xavier’s; so did it happen. They both died in Xavier’s at their ripe age working till their last breath in union with the Lord. (Fr. Loesch (popularly known as ‘Daddy Loesch’) died of a massive heart attack on 26th Jan 1972)

Until the junior school and the senior school blocks were built classes were held in the block near the swimming pool. The Prep Department was shifted to Bombay House, the present Vidya Jyoti, under the care of Fr. Saldhana. Later on it was moved to the junior school building and finally to the present Prep Department. The first building that came up was the Junior School by 1965.