Inaugural Ceremony on Jan. 6th 1959

Six months prior to the inauguration, while Fr. Loesch was busy in modifying the buildings, Fr. Saldhana had started the preparatory works with meticulous plans with the help of a dedicated team of volunteers. He organised the new teaching staff, arranged the curriculum, and conducted the entrance examinations for the new school. Thus by January 1960 they were able to transform a traditional, western-style hotel into a modern public school. But unfortunately Fr. Saldhana (who considered the school his "Benjamin"- the child of his old age) fell ill on the day of inauguration and it was Fr. Thomas Athazhapadam, S.J. who addressed the assembly on the opening day from the balcony of the present Prep Department. Archbishop James Knox, the then representative of Vatican in India, inaugurated the school on January 6, 1960.