Hotel Cecil Giving way to St. Xavier's Delhi

Hotel Cecil was one of the three most famous British Five Star hotels of Delhi in 1950's, owned by the American duo of brother and sister Mr. Hotz and Ms. White. It was then a posh hotel with over a hundred rooms offering all the accompanying five star amenities including lush green lawns and a swimming pool, one of the city's finest. (There was apparently even a branch in Murree, now in Pakistan, which still stands and is called the Hotel Cecil today) In those days Hotel Cecil, an eleven acre complex, situated at Rajniwas Marg in Delhi Civil Lines area, was known as the 'Country Club' because there were hosts of beautiful flowers all over the hotel complex. The lawns were well manicured and the neem trees looked absolutely majestic. There were numerous shady trees and a variety of flowers like rose and dahlia on the campus. At the time of the sale the hotel authorities wanted to sell it to someone who would look after the campus and not commercialize it. Therefore, it was not exactly a sale for profit. The Jesuits most willingly accepted the condition and readily purchased the property to be converted into a modern school in order to contribute their mite to the cause of education in Delhi.