Founding Father Frank (Francis) Loesch S.J.

Fr. Frank (Francis) Loesch S.J. was born on 3 Sept. 1897 in an agrarian family that migrated to Minnesota, US, from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg about 150 years ago. His father was a school teacher but poor health forced him to quit the same and become a farmer. More than what he learned at school, Frank learned a lot at home and on the farm. He also worked as a postal clerk in the city of St. Cloud to help his family financially. Many a time his studies were interrupted due to financial constraints. He joined the Society of Jesus in 1926 at the age of 25. Most of his batch mates in the Society were much younger to him and hence they nicknamed him 'Daddy'. True to the name he received, he was very caring and helpful to anyone in need. He was ordained a priest on 21 November 1931.
Fr. Frank Loesch made an unparalleled contribution in the field of architecture as well as planning and organizing projects. In 1936, he was appointed the superior of the Patna Mission. During his term as the superior there was tremendous growth of the mission. In 1940 St. Xavier's, Patna was established and later in 1942, St. Xavier's School, Jaipur too was born. Patna Women's college, Holy Family Hospital, and XTTI were the other grand edifices constructed under his supervision in Patna. Because of his reputation, the State government got Fr. Loesch to build some of its vital infrastructure.
In 1958, Patna province wanted to begin a school in Delhi and Fr. Loesch was entrusted with the responsibility. He purchased the Hotel Cecil, one of the three five star hotels in the capital city at that time. He got it converted into a school and built the senior as well as the junior school buildings. He, with his architectural competence, gave the building a new shape where the lives of many students were to be destined. He was the Rector of the school from 21 April 1960 to 11th December 1965. In the meantime, he was deeply involved in the growth of St. John's Medical College, Bangalore too.
As a person, 'Daddy' Loesch was very friendly and jovial. He died on 25 Jan. 1972. He had a normal day and enjoyed his supper with his fellow Jesuits. He had retired around 10 at night but by midnight there were cries of distress. Though the school nurse was called in and emergency oxygen cylinder fitted, before anyone could suspect he left for his heavenly abode. Till he breathed his last he was busy with various works related to the school. To his energy, zeal and resourcefulness must go the credit for readying the hotel rooms to serve as classrooms, for buying up new properties for school expansion, for planning and supervising the new school building and for finding the finances to keep the institution running.