Birth of St. Xavier's School

In 1958 the Patna Province of the Society of Jesus decided to start a school in Delhi and the Cecil property, 4, Raj Niwas Marg, Delhi-54 was purchased in 1959 for this purpose. Fr. James Tong S.J., the Kentucky born Jesuit who was the chaplain of the Catholic Hospital Association of India and had been working in Delhi for a long time, was the initiator of the negotiations between the Patna Jesuit Society and the Cecil Hotel for the transaction of its property. (He passed away on 5th August 1986). On 31 July 1959, on the Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola who is the founder of the Society of Jesus, Rev. Fr. Charles P. Saldhana S.J. arrived in Delhi to register students for admission tests and to prepare the way, generally for the opening of St. Xavier's in January 1960 in the former Cecil Hotel.
On 28 Sept. 1959, Rev. Fr. Francis Loesch S.J. former Superior of Patna Mission and long associated with the building and expansion programs of the mission arrived in Delhi to take over the charge of the new institution. By 26 Oct 1959, the registration of students for the new school rose to about 600. On 1 Nov 1959 the “Cecil Hotel” ceased to function as a hotel. The Jesuits then took over the institution. Credit for this change over must be given largely to Rev. Fr. E. Mann S.J., Provincial of Patna Jesuit province, who planned and sanctioned the project and raised the funds necessary for the inception of St. Xavier's School, Delhi. On 4 Jan 1960, His Excellency the most Rev. James R. Knox, the Apostolic Internuncio in India, blessed and officially inaugurated the school building.
On 11 Jan 1960, St. Xavier's School opened with three sections of class IV and two sections of class V. On 12 Jan 1960, Standards II and III were opened, the former having three sections each and the latter having four sections each. On 13 Jan 1960, Standard 1 was opened with three sections. On 15 Jan 1960 Prep classes were begun. The total number of boys on the rolls from Classes Prep to 5 by this time was 701. On 18 Feb 1960 recognition was granted to the school by the Directorate of Education, Delhi. On 8 Jan 1961, Standard VI was added. On 21st March 1961, No 2 Ludlow Castle Road House and property were registered in the name of St. Xavier's School. By 24 March 1962 the full size football field was finally ready. On 3 November 1963, the school held the first School Fair. On 31 July 1964 on the Feast of St. Ignatius, the new Science Block of the senior school was blessed by Rector, Rev. Fr. Loesch S.J. The classrooms were built by 1965 and in 1966 the Administration Block came up. The foundation stone for the junior school building was laid in 1967 and it was completed in 1969.