"…. yet I will not forget you. Behold, I have graven you on the palms of my hands.” (Isaiah 49:6) Though all those former staff as well as all those generations of students who passed out from Xavier's are no longer part of the present Xavier's, yet they belong to the legacy of the school. However, as human memory is short lived there is all the chance that the veterans of the past may be forgotten by posterity. Hence here we make a humble attempt to re-create the past of Xavier's and connect it with what Xavier's is today so that the future generations have something to remember us by. We confess that we might have inadvertently left out some important events or the names of those great personalities who gave shape and direction to this great institution- particularly during its infancy, for there is scarcely anything written about the history of our school hitherto. Unfortunately the farther we looked, the fainter the images appeared. Most of the earliest images of Xavier's were hazy and not all could be recognized; yet we made all attempts to blow over the dust that has been piled up on the records and tried to dig out the past of Xavier's from all available sources, particularly from the Xavier Times. We, therefore, request the former staff to forgive us, if by chance we have left out any name from the short history we prepare. Though a historian has to be objective, it can always happen that he becomes subjective and over enthusiastic in praising some, while callously neglecting some others. Hence, it is our earnest request that you may mail your feedback to 'xaviertimes@gmail.com' informing us if we have not included any important person or event. No history can be a complete record of the past; but there is always some scope to rectify the mistakes of the present in future. What we sincerely attempt to do is to leave behind some mark of our existence on this noble campus, so that 50 years hence the then staff and students have something to look back and remember about the humble beginnings of our school.