Xavier's English Literary Society

Xavier's English Literary Society, popularly known as XELS, is a forum for nurturing and displaying the latent talents possessed by the students of our school. For many years, it has acted as a vehicle for exploiting the diverse talents of our fellow students by inspiring and elevating them to perform to the very best of their abilities and emerge as true Xaverians- full of pride, confidence, character and ideals, always aiming at nothing short of excellence. Every year, since its inception in 1997, the club comes up with series of brand new activities that give students opportunities to explore their talents and develop their personality. The club was the brainchild of Mrs. Neera Verma, the former Head of English Department as well as Coordinator of Activities in the senior school. She nurtured the great idea of XELS and gave shape to it after a lot of meticulous planning. The club began its functioning formally with the organization of 'Expressions-97'- an interclass competition for classes 8 to 12. It was a mega event organised for three days- October 13, 14 and 15, 1997. Principal Fr. P.T. Augustine inaugurated the program. Poetry recitation, debates, declamation, presentation of short plays, talk shows, staging scenes from Shakespeare's plays were the various activities the club organized for all classes. Fr. Glenn Menezes S.J. who was the media face of the school contributed substantially to the growth of the club. The Inter-Class Personality Contest which later extended its horizon to the inter-school level, was basically his idea. During the subsequent years, the club did a lot in helping students to gain confidence under the guidance of Mrs. N. McLaren, the former Moderator of the club and Head of English Department. Under her guidance, the club organized the first Inter-School Personality Contest in 2006. From 2007 the club began organizing Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Inter-School Debate Competition for classes 9 & 10. The club has become a premier activity wing of Xavier's under its present moderators Mr. K.J. Devasia and Mrs. Shobha Miranda.