"I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues.” This is what the eco friendly club of our school, Traumitra Club does. It is a prominent club working over the past many years to keep the school campus clean and green. The club came into action from the year 1991 under the name 'Darwins Club' and a magazine titled 'DOLPHIN' used to be published in which reports of all the events and competitions were listed. Later it was replaced by 'TECHNICA', which included all three streams of science. But in the year 2002-03 the Biology Department organized a new club under the name 'TARUMITRA', meaning 'friends of trees' and it was organized under the influence of TARUMITRA, Patna province which works under the able guidance of Fr. Robert. Fr. Sebastian, S.J. our former Rector was a pillar of support for the club. Its main motto is to make people aware of the environment as well as our mother earth, which is like a kind and smiling parent helping us in every possible way but still we are trying our level best to harm it to the fullest. Every year the club organizes poetry recitation competition for class 8 and quiz for class 9 based on the theme 'Nature'.
Very soon, the club plans to organize some more activities and conduct cleanliness surveys in classes 8 and 9 on the school campus .The students caught littering will be asked pay a fine. We look forward to the whole hearted cooperation and support of each and every Xaverian. Today we have polluted our nature very much but it is not very late to change our future. We can still do something for our environment. We should always remember that just like a little drop of water makes a big ocean, little efforts can save our environment. We should think that all good things must begin with 'me' and we must never ask 'Why should I?' instead we must ask 'Why shouldn't I?'