Educational Planning Group

The school had started an 'Educational Planning Cell' for the Archdiocese of Delhi on the School's own initiative. When the then Delhi Archbishop did not favour some of its activities the school then disbanded the Cell and renamed it 'Educational Planning Group' to function independently with Fr. A. Puthumana, Mr. Jose Paul and Fr. Thomas V. Kunnunkal taking the lead. Mr. Jose Paul was deputed from the School as its coordinator and Fr. Thomas V. Kunnunkal was its Director from 1980-2000.
The EPG was engaged in developing supplementary materials for school use, and in conducting seminars and workshops for teacher orientation all over the country. The aim of the EPG was to contribute something to make a difference to the present processes and outcomes in education across the country, beginning with Delhi. Mr. Jose Paul was assisted by Mrs. Gayatri Murthy and later by Mrs. Radhika Srinivas. Fr. Thomas Kunnunkal tried to get the team together from time to time, and go through a process of future planning that was executed by Mr. Jose Paul and Mrs. Radhika. The EPG literally reached all parts of India, through programs for classroom management, value education and orientation of Principals.