Xavier’s Today

Today, St. Xavier’s has a staff strength of 130 in all the three departments (Senior, Junior and the Prep) including the teaching and the non-teaching. There are a total of 3160 students studying in the school for the current academic year. Of this about 374 students are given fees concession. We spent Rs. 35 lakhs last year educating economically underprivileged. We meet this expense through the Xavier Fair as well as contributions by various people to the scholarship fund. Now some of the batches who passed out from Xavier’s have come together in paying back to the school by helping in the education of the underprivileged.
One of the most important aspects of the clientele of Xavier’s is the cosmopolitan quality of them. There are Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains studying together; there are students whose parents hail from different parts of the country like, North India, East and North East India, South India and so on; there are the sons and daughters of politicians, leading bureaucrats, successful businessmen, clerks, peons, sweepers- all studying together in the same class room without feeling any class distinction or religious differences. They learn, play, and run around the campus without knowing the differences that exist among them. The single unifying factor is that they are all Xaverians and they are proud to acknowledge this fact. Isn’t this more important than the number of doctors or engineers or technocrats or politicians we have produced during the last 50 years?