Prominent Jesuit Collaborators

Many Jesuit priests and teachers and members of the non-teaching staff spent their life-time in the service of St. Xavier’s and worked hard for the betterment of the institution. We pay tribute to all those teachers who worked here until their superannuation and those who left in between due to various reasons as well as all the other staff members who helped to build this institution through a life time of service. One can write volumes praising their wonderful contribution but for the space.

Financial support is as important as the development of academics in a school. The history of Xavier’s will be incomplete without remembering the stalwarts like Mr. P.K. Joseph, Mr. Peter Fernandez and Mr. P.M. Thomas -all devoted a life time of service to the institution. How can we ever forget Mrs. Philomena Nazareth who seemed to be ever present in the school, assisting in the principal’s office and meeting any eventuality with her first aid box?

Mr. D’ Mello, Mrs. P. Martins, Mrs. & Mr. Abraham, Mrs. & Mr. Bhargava, Mr. S.K. Malhotra, Mr. J. Chhauda, Mrs. L. Abraham, Mrs. L. Jacob, Ms. J. Murphy, Mrs. U. Nanda, Mrs. V. Nagpal, Mr. S. Pal, Mrs. K. Tandon, Mrs. Agatha Joseph, Mr. Bhasker…are just a few among those stalwarts who inspired generations of Xaverians. A far longer list of men and women who dedicated their committed service at the altar of Xavier’s could be engraved here, but for the space and time to do so. Today many of those stalwarts are not in our midst physically but they are alive in the hearts and minds of thousands of students whose life they touched in one way or other. These people laid a strong foundation and gave a strong footing to the school which has grown from strength to strength, like an oak tree, to be seen and admired by thousands in the city. The remarkable thing of Xavier’s is the unity and cooperation, willingness and hard work, dedication among the staff and the management that go hand in hand to give a new shape to the school every year.
Xavier’s very successfully enabled to create a family feeling among the staff and students. For everyone it is not just a work place but a second home. As soon as they enter the campus they forget all their worries and anxieties and get involved in a very positive manner in the lives of the young Xaverians. This even helps the staff to heal the wounds from their personal life.

And remember the list of those thousands of students who passed through corridors of Xavier’s for whom it has not been an institution made of cement and mortar, but of bond of love and affection! They have built their nest around the globe and during this jubilee year we remember and pray for them in a special way. We wish them very best in their lives.