Other noteworthy Jesuit stalwarts

Xavier’s also benefited from the services many other noteworthy Jesuit stalwarts. Fr. Francis Rodrigues, S.J. was one among them. He managed the finances of the institution. He wanted to develop and improve the community services and finally he too greatly desired to spend his last days in the lap of Xavier’s and so it was. He passed away due to cancer on May 20, 1986. Fr. Richard Extross, S.J. was an eminent educationist. He taught English at St. Xavier’s, Delhi for many years. During his tenure he started the school magazine ‘The Xavier Times’ in 1965. He also founded XOBAD (Xavier’s Old Boys’ Association of Delhi) and was its first moderator. We very specially remember him during this Golden Jubilee year. Fr. Richard Curry, S. J. was the HOD of Chemistry Department. He was a scientist and musician. He was responsible for raising the scientific temper of the school and developed musical talents of a number of students. Fr. Robert J. Mayer, S.J. (jokingly refereed to as the Mayer of Delhi!!!) was another remarkable individual gifted with extraordinary musical talent. He came from America to India in 1951. He served in India and Nepal and then volunteered for service in East Africa. He reached St. Xavier’s school in 1972 and he remained here for eleven years. Fr. Mayer composed the ‘Xavier Cheer Song’ which every xaverian proudly sings. On certain days he would come down to the assembly grounds with the choir and would walk down the rows of boys and coax each unwilling throat into joyous singing. He died on 28th Jan. 2000 in the US. Fr. Edward Niesen, S.J. was the Headmaster of the junior school. Junior school teachers remember him as a wonderful person to work with. He was a fountain of ideas and most innovative. Fr. Joseph Matheikal, S.J. (vice principal from 1966 to 1969 and later as the H.O.D. of the Chemistry Department from 1973 to 1983) organised social awareness camps to make staff and students more socially aware. Fr. N.V. Mani S.J. was the Headmaster of the Junior School from 1985 to 1988. Fr. Jose T. J., S.J. proved himself to be a very effective Headmaster of the junior school from 2002 to 2004. Fr. Glenn Menezes S.J. was the modern media face of the school. His contributions as the Director of Media in Xavier’s have been immense. During his time the institution underwent drastic changes in getting its media facilities modernized.

Fr. Tony Andrade, S.J. joined Xavier’s in 1995 as the Headmaster and remained there till 1999. He was also the Student Counselor for the senior school from 2001 to July 2004. He was very successful as a mentor, a guide and friend to all. Fr. K.P. George S.J. was a very successful Headmaster of the junior school from July 2005 to 2008 until the present incumbent Fr. Shaju Varghese S.J. took charge as the Headmaster. Mr. T. Mannila and Mrs. B. Kang too played a larger role in bringing about discipline in the Junior School as being the Coordinators of Discipline.

The Prep Department too saw some very eminent personalities after Fr. Richard Pereira. Ms. Martina Pereira, Sr. Vimla S.M.I, Sr. Kiran, Sr. Alphina – all played a very vital role in imparting primary education to the tiny tots.