Jesuit Identity Through DOXA (Delhi Old Xaverian Association)

It is often said that ‘once a Xaverian always a Xaverian’. The Xaverian identity is indelible. It is hard to find anyone (both the staff and the students) leaving the school campus without shedding a few tears remembering their past association with the school. Everyone cherishes each golden moment they spent here. The alumni maintain their umbilical cord with their Alma Mater through their association called DOXA (XOBAD until 1998- rechristened as DOXA by Fr. P.T. Augustine when the young ladies started graduating from the school for the first time.) Delhi Old Xaverian Association is now gender inclusive and it is no longer ‘XOBAD’!!! Incidentally the Latin word ‘Doxa’ means ‘glory’- the alumni of Xavier’s, Delhi, is a glory not only of this institution, but of the whole nation. Today DOXA has a membership of well over 4500 members worldwide. DOXA has started taking active interest in paying back to their Alma Mater by joining in its efforts in educating the underprivileged. The 1984 batch came forward on the 25th Day of January 2009, its Silver Jubilee Year celebrations "Ab Tak 25", by generously committing a figure of Rs. 25 lakhs towards scholarships for the deserving students of St. Xavier’s, Delhi.
This jubilee year also marks the establishment of the worldwide chapter of the DOXA called ‘Non-Resident Global DOXA’. Its first chairman is Mr. Yakub Mathew of 1982 batch, Managing Director, HSBC Bank USA